Help for hurting hands

Your hands help you do everything from pouring a cup of coffee to typing on a keyboard to brushing your teeth. But when your hands hurt, it can make even the simplest task a painful ordeal.

To help keep your hands strong, healthy, and pain-free for life, doctors, physical therapists, and a certified hand therapist at Harvard Medical School created a new report, Healthy Hands.

This detailed guide explains the major problems that affect hands and brings you the latest treatments for getting relief. Through photos and illustrations you’ll discover the intricate architecture of tendons, joints, ligaments and nerves that make up your hands, so you can understand why you may be experiencing pain or are having difficulty gripping an object.

This fascinating report is full of helpful insights, proven strategies and advice to help ensure your hands are healthy so you can enjoy working, playing, and communicating for years to come.

Click here now and discover:

  • The spice that is as effective as ibuprofen for treating some arthritis
  • The type of drug that may eliminate some people’s need for hand surgery
  • The best way to get relief if you have Raynaud’s syndrome
  • How omega-3 fatty acids may help curb the inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis
  • What to do if you’re diagnosed with “trigger finger”
  • 5 diseases that make you more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Where topical pain relievers are most effective
  • And much, much more

You’ll learn surprising facts about your hands and the very best treatments for common problems like osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome to not-so-common conditions such as De Quervain’s tendinitis and cubital tunnel syndrome.

Plus, you’ll get a Special Bonus Section at No Extra Cost! Joint reconstruction for arthritic hands brings you the latest advances in materials and surgical techniques that make replacing the hand joints — including the entire wrist as well as knuckle and finger joints — a viable option. Read more

You’ll also get hand exercises that can help improve range of motion, strengthen and stretch muscles and tendons, and tips for improving dexterity.

Test Your Hand Strength! Try this exercise now — it’s FREE. See exercise

Best of all, today you can get this excellent report for 30% OFF the regular $29 cover price.

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